Bottom Lines Up: Boosting Online Sales Through Website and Social Media

Emily Del Favero

Ūsful Glassworks was DaviesMoore’s In Cahoots program winner for 2016. We partnered with them on a pro bono basis to help advance the mission of their nonprofit agency. Ūsful needed to increase online sales of their recycled glassware to continue employing and training members of the community recovering from substance abuse, homelessness and incarceration.

Because Ūsful Glassworks sells their product primarily online, the main focus of our discovery phase was auditing the existing website. While design and functionality needed to be addressed, we didn’t overlook the most important thing: the user’s journey. We assessed how effectively products were showcased and how pricing was communicated.

A deep-dive of the analytics indicated that users were getting lost within the site before they were ready to make a purchase. Additional research revealed that the products were perceived as “high-priced” for recycled goods. The site needed messaging that showed items were skillfully remade and sold for a charitable cause.

Our solution for Ūsful Glassworks was to completely redesign the website into a mobile-friendly e-commerce experience, where every product page shared something about the company’s charitable work. The site mapping and wireframing process centered on driving conversion and refreshing the brand.

We also submitted an application and won the Google for Nonprofits Adwords grant, which provides Ūsful with $10,000 of advertising credit per month on a continuing basis. We utilized the funds to develop a keyword strategy to drive traffic and increase conversion.

Finally, we developed a social media messaging campaign to maximize the number of eyes on the new branding and functionality we developed on the website.

The website overhaul and social media campaigns drove a 56% increase in online visits. Shopping cart abandon rate fell 23%, and conversion rate more than doubled.

Within social media, Ūsful gained nearly 100 new followers after our first ad campaign, with 1,661 clicks on the “Shop Now” button associated with the Facebook ad. Those clicks represent 5% of all users who saw the ad, outpacing the industry average of .07%.