Exponential Growth: Digital Marketing to Increase Lead Generation

Emily Del Favero

AgentCubed, a three-in-one solution, provides insurance agencies with CRM, agency management and lead management solutions, giving insurance professionals the tools they need to increase efficiency and profits.

AgentCubed approached DaviesMoore with their first priority – rebuilding their current website in order to effectively drive additional leads to their sales team. They also had interest in additional online marketing/advertising tactics and were unsure of where to begin.

With the goal of increasing leads, we determined that a digital marketing strategy would be the smartest course of action. Our team put together a proposal for the entire year, covering ways to drive more traffic to the new website and increase leads through inbound and outbound marketing channels.

The website content, design and usability all needed improvement in order to effectively attract the right prospective customers. With a strong strategy in place, our team built the website to align with AgentCubed’s goals while optimizing the user experience, as well as updating the brand to be more modern and up to date.

Based on our strategic recommendations and outcome of the website, AgentCubed has signed DaviesMoore on as a marketing partner, to strategize and execute any other upcoming digital or traditional marketing tactics.

AgentCubed now has a fully responsive, easily navigable website, with content crafted for newly defined target customers. The website has Live Demo requests incorporated throughout via lead capture form. As leads are captured and tracked, they are also integrated into their automated marketing system to ensure leads are nurtured through the sales cycle. The website was designed with the goal of being a lead generating machine, peppering call-to-action statements and contact forms throughout the site. With the recent integration of marketing automation, AgentCubed has the ability to consolidate leads from multiple sources and nurture those leads by speaking to them on a personal level based on brand interactions. Since these updates, AgentCubed has seen a 58% increase in sessions and a 68% increase in visit duration.

As AgentCubed’s marketing partner since 2014, we handle all facets of their marketing efforts, including managing SEM, Capterra listing placements and reviews, retargeting, social media campaigns, and marketing automation. From an inbound marketing perspective, we handle writing content including case studies, whitepapers, infographics, explainer video, press releases and blog posts to keep AgentCubed optimized for search and further drive inbound traffic. Other efforts include assisting with trade show marketing, such as print collateral, booth design and more.