Finding new solutions for qualified lead generation

Emily Del Favero

AgentCubed offers a CRM software, specifically targeting insurance carriers and brokerages. AgentCubed’s 3-in-1 solution combines CRM, lead management and distribution, and policy management into one, all-encompassing tool. Their product serves a very focused, niche market, demanding highly-targeted marketing and lead generation efforts.

In 2015, DaviesMoore partnered with AgentCubed to develop a robust inbound marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and deliver marketing qualified leads to the company’s sales team. AgentCubed’s goal was to increase revenue by 50% over the following two years.

When we first partnered with AgentCubed, the company struggled from low brand awareness and lack of incoming leads. During the discovery period, our team identified that AgentCubed’s sales cycle could span up to six months from initial contact to conversion. Their sales team had many touchpoints with prospects prior to closing a sale, revealing multiple opportunities to engage the target audience in each stage of the decision-making process.

Along with raising brand awareness, our marketing efforts needed to educate and nurture qualified leads throughout the sales cycle. To find our target audience, DaviesMoore took a deep dive into industry research to learn about our ideal prospects. Where does this audience go for information? What types of questions are they asking? What keywords are they searching? Answering these questions helped us develop our strategy for reaching insurance agency decision-makers.

As we began studying the insurance industry and learning about our target market, DaviesMoore identified key insights in demographics and psychographics that provided more context to the desired, niche audience. By finding how our target audience interacted with digital resources, we were able to refine AgentCubed’s positioning and messaging. Our research uncovered key consumer behaviors to inform our digital marketing tactics and layer into our paid social targeting parameters. Using this data, we presented strategic recommendations to increase AgentCubed’s visibility and help them earn maximum return from their paid advertising dollars.

DaviesMoore determined that developing an inbound marketing strategy would be a valuable approach to attracting and funneling qualified leads. We implemented a marketing automation platform and developed a content strategy to drive leads to AgentCubed’s website. By using lead capture forms and techniques, we gathered the needed information to add those leads into automated email campaigns, increasing opportunities for engagement.

Our content execution included white papers, infographics, bi-monthly blog posts, case studies, and a full-fledged social media strategy. We also created paid social campaigns to drive traffic to landing pages to increase conversion.

AgentCubed’s inbound marketing strategy has driven outstanding results. Within the first 18 months, DaviesMoore delivered 300 leads. The company website has attracted an 18% increase in traffic and 40% increase in session duration. The content strategy also reached first-page search ranking for critical, non-branded keywords, including Medicare CRM.

Our continued partnership with AgentCubed has resulted in a wide content library of resources for continued information sharing and thought leadership in the insurance industry.