Focused Website Redesign with Lead Capturing Capability

Emily Del Favero


Midas Gold is a mineral exploration company with offices in Donnelly and Boise, Idaho and in Vancouver, Canada. Midas Gold and their local public relations partner reached out to DaviesMoore with the need to build a new website focused on Midas Gold’s Stibnite Gold Project located in the historic Stibnite Mining District in Valley County, Idaho. Here, they intend to re-open an area that had been abandoned after nearly 100 years of mining activity.


They have a corporate website focused on investor relations but wanted to update their Idaho-focused site to better communicate with the local communities and Stibnite Gold Project stakeholders. Midas Gold’s goal is to gain feedback about what is important to the community and to openly discuss the environmental, economic and community effects of the Stibnite Gold Project. This includes how Midas Gold will repair and restore the mining site to a better condition than what it was when they began exploration work, and how they plan to bring over 1,000 jobs to the area.

DaviesMoore and Midas Gold’s public relations partner collaborated on messaging to ensure the website communicates all of the important information around the economic and environmental aspects of the project site, while also showcasing Midas Gold’s commitment to the community through an up-to-date event calendar, fresh blog content, and friendly calls to action for those willing to voice an opinion or request more information. This was all done while keeping the website very informative, yet welcoming, warm and hopeful. The website was built with a lead capture form to keep interested parties updated on the project status as well as Midas Gold’s involvement in different community activities.


Midas Gold’s fully responsive website has been launched at <a href=”http://midasgoldidaho.com/”>midasgoldidaho.com</a> featuring an engaging user experience by utilizing subtle animations through different scroll and hover effects. The website balances photographs of the historically damaged mining site with hopeful and bright photographs that emphasize Midas Gold’s intentions to restore environment to a better place than what it was previously. The new website, built on the WordPress platform, will enable Midas Gold to easily add content as part of their ongoing inbound marketing strategy, ultimately optimizing the website for SEO and great user experience, all while keeping the facts up to date and the website content interesting and fresh.