Google It: Driving Traffic to Websites with Useful Words

Emily Del Favero

Ūsful Glassworks is a nonprofit organization that provides valuable job experience for those who need it most by creating environmentally friendly glass products from recycled glass bottles. As a part of our In Cahoots program, DaviesMoore provided a website redesign that enabled more effective online selling. While ecommerce capability on the website was vastly improved, ecommerce marketing for upcycled glassware is highly competitive, as well as expensive. As a nonprofit organization with a very limited budget, Ūsful Glassworks needed to find a way to effectively market their products online alongside giants like Amazon.

Strategy & Tactics
DaviesMoore helped Ūsful Glassworks apply and attain membership in Google’s Ad Grants program for nonprofit businesses. This grant gives Ūsful Glassworks $10,000 per month of Google Adwords advertising, completely free of charge. By executing paid campaigns through this grant, DaviesMoore was able to advertise aggressively on behalf of Ūsful Glassworks and run a nationwide ecommerce campaign.

Since launching the nationwide ecommerce campaign, web traffic to the Ūsful Glassworks website has increased from around 150 users per month to over 8,000 users per month (an increase of 4,300%) with paid search being the main driver of traffic. This, coupled with a newly designed ecommerce website, gave Ūsful Glassworks the ability to be competitive when selling their recycled glassware online. Overall campaign click-through-rate has been maintained at over 2.5% and highly competitive keywords like glassware and recycled glassware have an average ad position of 2.