In Tune: Using Social Media to Reach Niche Audiences and Increase Awareness

Emily Del Favero

As a proud sponsor of the Treefort Music Fest, DaviesMoore was asked to develop a social media campaign to build awareness and excitement for the 2016 music festival.

Strategy & Tactics
Catering to the Treefort audience, DaviesMoore developed a scavenger hunt on Instagram. To play the game, followers would have to check both the DaviesMoore and Treefort social media platforms for daily clues. The clues led participants to local downtown establishments, including several Treefort venues.

Pictures were taken of signs of local downtown businesses. One letter from each sign was released each day as a clue, combined, the letters spelled “Treefort”. To be qualified to win, participants would have to identify where the letter in the sign was located and take a selfie of themselves with the sign. The first person to post all of their pictures to Instagram with the hashtags #TreefortHunt and #TreefortClue would win 2 tickets to Treefort.

The campaign proved to be successful as the first participant to complete posting all of the clues finished just minutes before a crowd of other participants. The campaign and scavenger hunt created an engaging experience for the target audience and a flurry of activity in the posting of hundreds of selfies from around Boise, and more specifically, key sites for the Treefort. As a result, there was a huge increase in both traffic and engagement to the Treefort and DaviesMoore Instagram accounts.