Launching Strategies for Trade Shows and Community Relations

Emily Del Favero

DaviesMoore was responsible for managing the public relations and sponsorship efforts for Greg Poe, one of the world’s top aerobatic pilots. After three full years on the air show circuit, Poe was just beginning to reach an elite status as a performer when DaviesMoore first developed a partnership with him. As he competed in the national media spotlight against the most established civilian and military acts, including the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds, the value of his sponsorship grew along with the need for a more professional and sophisticated brand and public relations strategy.
Media Relations & Sponsorship Management Strategies
We focused on presenting highly polished promotional materials to the local media in combination with creating press releases. Understanding the challenges of the news industry, we did everything possible to make journalists’ jobs easy, fun and visual. To accomplish this, we followed a specific plan and timeline for each air show market:

  • Developed tour posters, autograph cards, sales kits, presentation graphics, banners and displays.
  • Produced and mailed a comprehensive media kit to each air show publicity coordinator upon booking of show.
  • Identified a list of relevant media prospects for the market and determined which departments and individuals were assigned to the show (if any), and made direct contact with them.
  • Sent an “opportunity” press release to both assignment editors and photo desks offering to book media rides and interviews.
  • Delivered a follow-up press release with everything the journalist needed for the story or photo caption.
  • Scheduled interviews and photo rides one-to-two days prior to the show.
  • Coordinated media coverage of the “Elevate Your Life” community tour.
  • Coordinated the installation of video and audio equipment in both the show plane and a two-seat aerobatic media plane to provide breath-taking and jaw-dropping footage in local markets, with local journalists.
  • Developed sponsorship packets for current and prospective sponsors that demonstrated value through the number of tour dates and media exposure.

Community Relations Strategy

After the death of Greg’s son, DaviesMoore help brand and develop the “Elevate Your Life” program, which Greg presented to schools while on tour. The multi-media presentation combined on the importance of family, goals and dreams; the dangers of drug addiction and stunning visuals of Greg’s aerobatic performance. A powerful human-interest story, “Elevate Your Life” provided additional media coverage for Greg’s brand and positively impacted thousands of students.

Trade Show Strategy
In conjunction with Greg’s friend and fellow air show pilot, Steve Appleton, DaviesMoore designed a 1,200 square foot trade show booth for both pilots that recreated a WWII era officers’ club and pilot lounge. Designed to attract attention and to schedule tour appearances, free food and beer made the booth the epicenter of the International Council of Air Shows. We also coordinated shipping the booth to Las Vegas, set up, tear down and drayage. The project resulted in record bookings for both pilots and garnered a Northwest ADDY for DaviesMoore.

With the rapid increase in brand awareness via a powerful personal story and the professionalism of the Greg Poe Airshows brand, our public relations efforts helped establish Greg Poe as one of the most desirable air show pilots on tour. While the successes were many, some highlights include:

  • Exponential growth in terms of bookings and appearances
  • An elevated national media profile
  • Four consecutive years of successful sponsorship support with Crucial Technology, Sirius Satellite Radio and Fagen, Inc.
  • Greg starred in a television pilot called, “Show Pilot,” which DaviesMoore was asked to direct.
  • Greg Poe Air Shows garnered its fair share of media coverage especially with the local newspaper and television.