Meat & Potatoes: Creating Social Media Strategies with Sustenance

Emily Del Favero

Jakers Restaurant is an Idaho-owned, family-friendly restaurant with a locally sourced menu featuring fine steak and fish. DaviesMoore has enjoyed a relationship with Jakers since 2016, when we were asked to build out a social media strategy and develop content, including management of online reviews and reputation management.

We performed an audit of the existing Jakers social media platforms—Facebook and Twitter—assessing the quality of content, engagement and reputation. Since Jakers has restaurants in 5 locations, we also evaluated how effective the content was across franchises and demographics.

Our discovery revealed that Jakers content was not consistent with their brand and that they were not seeing a strong ROI on their paid social content. We felt the number of followers and the level of engagement of those followers could significantly increase with more relevant and compelling content. And we saw the opportunity for increased diner loyalty/frequency given the food quality and the wide demographic appeal.

We began a content refresh by positioning Jakers as a destination. We focused on more food imagery, including more professional photos of the food. And we developed content to promote loyalty (return customers) and boost lunchtime dining.

In addition, we targeted travelers passing through with campaigns promoting the idea that you haven’t been to Idaho or Montana until you’ve tried the food at their restaraunts. Since Jakers uses many locally sourced ingredients, the campaign rang true for both residents and tourists.

Finally, we developed a content calendar, scheduling posts on particular holidays or times of day to boost awareness, and paying to boost particular ads to reach targeted demographics.

Jakers saw signigicant increases across a variety of metrics. Facebook posts saw an 11% increase in reach, and on Twitter those same posts junped 1,123%. That means people were liking and sharing content with others. In fact, Jakers presence on Twitter allowed for their content to be shared by food bloggers and food/beverage providers like 44North.

All this meant a 14% increase in website visits, which represents people who are researching menu, location and hours—indicating they plan to come in.

“DaviesMoore is a wonderful company to work with. The level of expertise and professionalism has been a great asset and has been very appreciated by our Jakers team. Social media interaction, views and followers have grown by leaps and bounds. It’s been a great comfort knowing that we have DaviesMoore, that is just an email or phone call away from helping us with whatever might come up.”  —Leigh Ann Culver-Rice, Director of Marketing