More Than a Name: Developing Names and Logos to Create a Consistent Brand

Emily Del Favero

Intelleum, a food manufacturer and food distributor focused business intelligence company, approached DaviesMoore to develop a brand for their trade show solution, which brings more intelligence, ease of use and financial returns to food show exhibitor management, attendee invitation and post-show follow up functions. Prior to the launch of this project, this new offering (the food show product + service) had been called by a few different names, leading to internal and client confusion.

After a brand discovery and naming process, the client selected ShowIntell because of its energy and multiple relevant meanings. This compound word is multi-layered and incorporates the offering’s parent company name spelling with ‘intell’ as well as an understanding of the food show environment as a place to show and tell – through an offering that allows actionable intelligence to be leveraged through every stage of the trade show.

DaviesMoore established the positioning statement of ‘driving more intelligent and profitable trade shows’ for ShowIntell; built on the three positioning strategy pillars of easier, smarter and more profitable

With an approved name and positioning in place, DaviesMoore began the logo development phase of brand development. After developing multiple options for presentation, the client selected an elegant and visually interesting solution that brings together concepts of connections, synapsis, presentations and progress. A brand guide was developed to support the client’s marketing team and includes positioning statements and rationale, a full suite of color and black & white logos, logo usage guide, color guide and font guide which not only build on parent and sister company branding, but lead Intelleum toward greater brand consistency.