Putting Heart Into Tech: B2B Branding and Marketing

Emily Del Favero


The client (previously named FieldSync), approached DaviesMoore to develop a brand for their technology solution, which includes a signature mobile app and web application that allows employees of any organization type to submit data from anywhere they work. The app eliminates the need for paper forms or data entry, and is fully customizable – allowing workers to easily collect and track important data. The client needed to rebrand from FieldSync. This project included a new name, logo, identity and website which all need to be professional, smart and conveyed the essence of their value proposition. The name also needed to be reflective of the highly adaptable, flexible and customizable nature of the solution.


After an extensive naming process, the client selected Kordata because of its multiple relevant meanings, as well as its refined look and sound. This compound word (core + data) uses creative spelling and was inspired by chordates (scientific name: chordate) which all share a characteristic of having a spinal chord (of varying sorts). The name Kordata is also the combination of the Latin term “cor”, meaning heart, with data. Either association emotes the passing of information from distributed endings to a central command post. With an approved name in place, DaviesMoore began the logo development phase of the branding effort. After developing multiple options for presentation, the client selected a simple, yet elegant K. The illustration flows seamlessly without interruption, and represents the smooth transfer of data from one point to another. With an approved brand in place, DaviesMoore was then able to apply it to the website design.


The goal of this website was to represent Kordata in a clean, professional way. As a result, investors were able to understand Kordata, and the people behind it, through a unique experience that incorporated modern design and distinct programming features in a seamless way. Kordata’s fully responsive website has been launched at Kordata.com, and features a unique user experience that uses a mobile device as the primary visual for communicating the benefits of the solution, while photography is used to show how the solution thrives in diverse and remote landscapes. Bright swatches of turquoise blue create a calm, cool, sophisticated mood that reinforces the core values. The new website, built on a WordPress platform, will enable the Kordata marketing team to easily add thought-leadership content as part of the ongoing, inbound marketing strategy, ultimately optimizing the website for SEO and great user experience.