Racing with Emotion: Touching the Heart to Appeal to the Eye

Emily Del Favero

Situation & Objective
DaviesMoore was responsible for refreshing the art direction of the Susan G. Komen Idaho’s Race for the Cure 2015. Our objective was to draw attention to the Komen brand and the 2015 Race through powerful and emotional photography and copy that would be used for outdoor billboards, email marketing, and race day materials such as banners.


We set out with the goal of making the art direction feel entirely new and eye-catching. We determined that taking the photos out of the studio would make them feel more organic and real. Komen wanted to use their national office’s art direction as a starting point, but it was important to us that the photos feature Treasure Valley residents in a distinctly Boise setting. Komen Idaho was able to secure talent that each had their own special connection to the Komen mission or breast cancer, and we scheduled three separate photo shoots in Kathryn Albertson Park.

The talent groups focused on the different demographics that are affected by breast cancer, namely mothers, grandmothers, friends and metastatic patients. The tone of the photography was relaxed and candid, allowing personalities of the talent to shine through, conveying that these are real everyday people that are supported by Komen.

When it came to design, we wanted to be sure that we didn’t mangle the photographs with logos and copy. Headlines were simple and clear and pertinent to each person’s story. The date of the 2015 race was featured to coincide with a singular, large Komen Race for the Cure logo, but the main focus remained the photos.

What resulted was an engaging campaign that felt personal and emotional. When combined with a strategic outdoor media plan, this new art direction garnered 407,943 total impressions in the Boise market. By keeping the main focus on the photography, the art direction conveyed the real reasons people participate in this race. They race for their friends or loved ones who are affected by this disease.