Relating To Others Naturally: PR Strategy and Execution to Achieve Multiple Goals


Situation & Strategy

Hired as the campaign communications consultant to provide strategic counsel and message development to The Nature Conservancy in Idaho (TNC), DaviesMoore developed a public relations campaign and communications framework that met the following criteria:

  • Conveyed an urgent call-to-action through accessible, compelling and inspirational story telling
  • Maintained consistency with the World Office Global Campaign messaging
  • Design a collateral piece to help raise funds for TNC Idaho’s top organizational priorities
  • Outlined funding needs that justify the overall campaign goal
  • Distinguished TNC from other organizations

After a robust discovery phase, we developed a PR campaign strategy that was highly customized for Idaho, while leveraging the World Office Global campaign. We focused on two primary targets: (1) Internal – board members and staff, and (2) Potential Donors – people who have a vested interest in Idaho, its wildlife, landscapes and way of life. The collateral piece would include high-level branding information about The Nature Conservancy, and mirror the messaging laid out in the public relations campaign.


Built on a campaign theme of Naturally Idaho, the case statements identified and personalized TNC Idaho’s primary goals, objectives and organizational priorities using language and messaging that was clear and compelling. DaviesMoore developed a high-end printed collateral piece and a digital look book that were used as the primary presentation tools for TNC Idaho’s staff to use in prospective donor meetings. These publications made urgent emotional and factual pleas; calling on state pride and legacy building for future generations. DaviesMoore facilitated presentation training sessions that helped educate the staff on how to best engage prospective donors. Print ads were also developed using the Naturally Idaho campaign theme.