The Spirit of Taste: Promoting Products with Pictures

Emily Del Favero

DaviesMoore has been the agency of record for Bardenay—the nation’s first restaurant distillery—since 2004, partnering on all aspects of marketing: traditional, digital, reputation management, website development, and public relations.

Our partnership has flourished through open communication and collaboration, and that history of success presented the opportunity to promote a new distribution point for one of Bardenay’s signature products: Bardenay Lemon Vodka.

Bardenay Lemon Vodka had been popular within the restaurant for nearly 12 years, being featured in a variety of cocktail recipes. For the first time, the product would be distributed to Idaho state liquor stores. To launch into retail sales, the product needed to stand out on its own.

Through discovery sessions with the client, we learned that a successful launch would require buy-in from food and beverage writers in the media. Our strategy was to leverage the strong reputation of other Bardenay spirits, such as its popular rum varieties.

Since Bardenay is both a distillery and a restaurant, we took a “foodie” approach to our outreach. We sent samples of Bardenay Lemon Vodka and Bardenay’s house-made lemon drop mix to food and beverage writers. An enclosed card included recipes for other lemon vodka drinks, highlighting the tasting notes and uniqueness of the blend. The recipe card also mentioned more flavors and spirits distilled by Bardenay.

Along with promoting the product, the card captured the heritage of the distillery as a place for handcrafted spirits and Northwest cuisine. The art direction reflected the beauty of the recently redesigned liquor bottle labeling.

Upon making the product available to stores in the spring of 2016, Bardenay sold just shy of 1000 bottles of lemon vodka on the heels of the outreach program. Bardenay Lemon Vodka received critical acclaim too, with coverage from a variety of media outlets statewide. The Boise Weekly and the Idaho Statesman each published reviews of the product, in response to the outreach program.

Today, the product continues to be sold in Idaho state liquor stores and remains a popular order at Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery locations in Boise, Eagle, and Coeur d’ Alene. Cheers to that!