Universal Appeal: Cutting Through the Clutter of TV Ads

Emily Del Favero

Situation & Strategy
With 125 years of greatness behind her, the University of Idaho has never been in a stronger position to share the many successes of its students, faculty, alumni and research initiatives with its many targets and constituents.

Though steeped in tradition, the University of Idaho’s brand is also rooted in innovation and discovery. While every generation is unique, the UI experience remains much the same. It is a powerful and life changing influence, which positively impacts its students, Idaho’s communities and our world.

The art direction DaviesMoore initially developed specifically for the Idaho Statesman Alumni Series campaign soon evolved into a Super Bowl ad, and was later adopted as the new look and feel of the University’s brand. Just as Idaho isn’t a typical university, neither was this campaign. It was designed to look and feel different. It stands out from the cluttered landscape of higher education marketing, while presenting relevant and compelling stories, facts and third party validations that are visually unique and attention grabbing.

This awareness campaign positioned the state’s flagship research institution as one of the top educational values in the nation, while equipping its constituents and flag bearers with surprising stories, impressive statistics and exceptional points of pride that illustrate the University’s legacy of leading.

The stakeholders at the University of Idaho were extremely pleased with the final product. Not only does the spot stand out among most higher education commercials by incorporating more graphic and illustrated elements, it also conveys many of the University of Idaho’s unique selling propositions in one seamless copy read. In addition to a comprehensive media run, the spot was also aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 1, 2015. Within our target demographics of those considering enrolling in higher education (adults age 18-34) and their parents or guardians (adults aged 25-54), the Super Bowl placement reached a whopping 68% of households in the Boise market alone. DaviesMoore was also honored to receive an IAF Silver Rockie award for this creative endeavor.