Website Hat-Trick: Front End Design, Back-End Management, and Google Ad Functionality

Emily Del Favero


The Steelheads and DaviesMoore have worked together for  over 15 years. During the planning period for the 2015/16 season, DaviesMoore and the Steelhead’s agreed that the website needed a facelift after spending over a decade with the same look online. The website had limited analytics and tracking capabilities, a backend content management system which needed to be more intuitive for employees to add and edit content, and a front end with outdated design and a user experience in need of optimization. Last, but not least, the mobile experience limited the amount of content users can access on their phones, including limiting user’s ability to buy tickets and view game schedules.


The new website needed better tracking, mobile-first mentality, improved content management, and more modern design. DaviesMoore needed to understand how users currently use the website versus where they needed to drive the flow of user traffic in order to increase ticket sales. With the growing rise in mobile use, DaviesMoore placed a priority on optimizing the new site UI/UX for mobile. After determining the new site architecture, DaviesMoore needed to evaluate all of the existing API’s and integrations with the ECHL hockey network, which allows for fans to see previous and live scores, check the roster, and more. The new site layout had to take all of these integrations into account, therefore unique page layouts were required for several parts of the site. Not only did the experience need to improve, but the design also needed to be fresh. The new design takes elements from the new 2015/16 campaign art direction and will be easily updated in years to come due to the way the backend was built.


The new Idaho Steelheads website is a fully custom, 100% responsive site. The full site content can be accessed on any mobile device. DaviesMoore was also able to add tracking to the website to understand which online referring channels result in the most ticket sales. The backend of the website (built in WordPress) allows for Steelheads’ operations staff to access, edit and add new content easily. Robust website analytics are used to track information about the way visitors on the website interact with it, allowing the Steelheads staff to revise and add new content to pages that weren’t performing well. These analytics also allow the staff and DaviesMoore to understand customer behaviors, the audience’s demographics, and track conversions. DaviesMoore also integrated the site with the Google Ad Network, resulting in an additional revenue stream for the Steelheads site in addition to ticket sales.

“We couldn’t be happier with our new website and are so grateful to DaviesMoore for all their hard work in helping us create the best web experience for our fans,” said Steelheads President Eric Trapp.

Unique features:

  • Fully-customizable Promotion takeover ads
  • Home Game Ticker that counts down the hours until the next home game and then switches to Live TV and Radio links when game is on
  • An easy-to-locate schedule carousel in the header showing the next 3 games and then populates game scores on past games

Through the launch of a fully responsive website and a combination of outdoor, radio, and digital promotions, DaviesMoore was able to increase year-over-year walk-up ticket sales by 40% and total attendance by 12%.