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1.30.20 |

What Does Kindness Mean to Us?

116 & West

ICYMI, we rebranded!

In celebration of our new identity, and to kick off our newest program, 116 Acts of Kindness, we spent January 16th spreading kindness in our community.

116 Acts of Kindness is one of our CareMoore programs. Our partners are passionate about giving back to our community. They’ve instilled in our agency the desire to work hard, but also care a lot about our community and our coworkers. The CareMoore programs are how we serve the community we love so much.

116 Acts of Kindness is our promise to perform 116 acts of kindness in the year 2020.  As a company, we took the Boise Kindness pledge. We think a great way to honor this pledge will be to continually serve our community in whatever way we can.

During the noon hour of 1/16, we set up a large banner in the middle of the Grove and asked passersby to write what kindness means to them. We received over 100 lovely responses from our community.  These are some of our favorites:

Kindness means:

“Charity and love for one another.”
“Service above self.”
“Offering the last slice of pizza.”
“Seeing the humanity in others and ourselves.”
“Loving everyone equally.”
“Not flipping off the person who cut you off on the connector.”
“Putting others’ needs before your own.”
“Don’t be a dick.”
“Generosity of spirit.”

Our hearts are full after getting so many wonderful responses. Keep an eye on us as we continue to fulfill our pledge throughout the year.

Want to participate in our pledge? We’d love to feature you on our social accounts. Use the #116andwest and #116aok on your posts about performing kindness or community service! No amount of kindness is too small.

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