Kapow! Updating Project Filter’s Hero Cards

Danielle Hannan

We’re no strangers to using athletes as spokespeople. So when our partners over at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s (IDHW) tobacco cessation program, Project Filter, came to us wanting to update some previously created player cards (think larger versions of baseball cards), we were definitely game.

To put our own personal twist on this project, we did a couple of things:

  1. Affectionately referred to them as “hero cards” across all sports represented by our amazing roster of athletes. (Though they are traditionally called hero cards in racing.)
  2. Illustrated the athletes in the most baller, comic-book-style out there in an effort to better speak to younger audiences.

Check out more of the amazing process (and athletes):

This was a project we were stoked to take on with a partner who’s doing great work within our community.

If you’re looking to refresh past campaigns, but aren’t quite sure where to start, drop us a line!

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