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Telling a Story with Healthwise

Emily Del Favero

Every company has a story to tell. For Healthwise, a nonprofit technology and health solution provider, the story was much bigger than their present brand and online presence conveyed. In need of a rebranding and a new medium to share their message with the world, Healthwise selected 116 & West to help tell their unique story and build a new website.

Healthwise helps people make better health decisions and strives to deliver the world’s best health information. Creating new brand messaging and designing and developing a website from scratch for a global company was no small feat. To effectively accomplish these lofty goals, we needed to start from the very beginning: Storytelling.

Capturing the story

The relationship with Healthwise began with a full-on discovery and storytelling scope in which 116 & West conducted in-depth interviews with top executives, decision-makers, and employees in various roles company-wide. These interviews were designed to discover a new storyline to push the Healthwise brand forward.

116 & West Research and Content Writer, Jackie Presnell, gives her perspective on the discovery phase. “Healthwise wanted to tell their story in a more meaningful, compelling way. They feel proud of the role they play in patient education, and they needed to find the right voice and narrative to share the company’s purpose and role in our healthcare system.”

The overall concept we created told the story of how Healthwise allows providers and patients to have more meaningful and effective relationships, ultimately giving people more time to live their lives doing the things they love.

“Our story shared how Healthwise makes moments matter. With their education tools and unbiased, research-based content, Healthwise delivers the information that patients need to make the best decisions for their health,” adds Presnell.

Once the Healthwise story was written, we translated the creative concept visually through a professional photo shoot to capture the new personality and essence of the Healthwise brand. The photography was then paired with brand statements and created as event signage that was displayed at the HIMMS conference as well as on the solution pages of the website.


Developing the best user experience

The next phase of the project was two-fold: designing and developing the website and producing six product-demo guided tours. Fully developed, the website would include over a hundred pages and need to pass accessibility requirements WCAG 2.0 Level AA for all users to have equal access to functionality and information. The goal was to effectively communicate the Healthwise story and provide a clean user experience that was above and beyond a typical healthcare industry website. Working collaboratively alongside the Healthwise team, we reorganized content, improved navigation, provided clear CTAs, created visually compelling animations and an accessible user experience that effectively delivers the Healthwise story, technology and information to their audience.

Aside from the web dev component, the six product-demo guided tours were an adventure on their own. Each product tour contained up to four experiences that included multiple paths, tooltips and animations as well as a new external Healthwise approval process. Account and project management played a key role in communicating expectations, coordinating revisions and approvals and scheduling tasks to sync up the two timelines and deliver both the final website code and guided tours at the same time. We owe this success to the true teamwork between the Healthwise and 116 & West people who worked hard together to accomplish one unified goal.

Account Executive on the project, Danna Smith, talks about the partnership with Healthwise on this project. “We took our time and asked a ton of questions. We genuinely wanted to understand their products and who their customer was. The more we understood, the better our recommendations and collaboration was. They have their own language, and it took time to get on their level and talk apples to apples.”

At 116 & West we believe that our clients are the true experts in their field. Throughout this project, our team needed to do a lot of listening and learning to be able to talk the Healthwise talk and fully understand their unique business and the healthcare industry as a whole.

“Together, we helped to articulate and translate their goals and ideas into tangible deliverables,” added Smith.

By keeping the mindset of “Making Moments Matter” throughout this entire project from internal and external meetings, scheduling tasks, overcoming challenges, meeting deliverables, and celebrating successes, we were able to ultimately not only help build a brand and website, but also a relationship of mutual trust and respect that really mattered. We couldn’t be more grateful to have been a part of this project and look forward to seeing the Healthwise brand continue to grow for years to come.

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