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Healthwise: Positioning a Primary Care Leader

Emily Del Favero

When Gritman Medical Center wanted to rebrand itself as the primary care leader in the greater Moscow/Lewiston area, they reached out to 116 & West to help them design and develop a new website.

The project included a robust list of technical specifications and requirements, while also needing to be accomplished within a specific budget and timeframe. One of the requirements was to build the website on a user-friendly CMS so that all of the content on the site could be updated by internal Gritman employees.

Creating a user-friendly website

Visit the new

The most unique part of this project was working in collaboration with Healthwise, a current Westie client, and seeing their B2B platform full-circle. 116 & West designed and built the Healthwise website and series of nine guided tours over the past year, which gave our team applicable knowledge of the healthcare industry, language style, and accessibility requirements. It also was an advantage being familiar with HW-specific products!

Gritman purchased Healthwise products to integrate into their new website and it was our responsibility to build the back-end so that Gritman employees could easily embed content from the Healthwise Content as a Service and Video Library platform. Another notable feature on the website is the Online Clinic, which utilizes Healthwise Knowledgebase and allows users on the Gritman site to access a database of symptoms and topics of interest, providing a valuable resource for self-care at home.

Other advanced functionality and integration mandatories included digital forms, online payment, and donor management software, calendar filtering and registration, newsletter subscription, and gated resources.

A partnership that lasts

It was exciting to team up with the Gritman family and collaborate again with Healthwise on this project. We hope this fresh look and feel for Gritman Medical Center helps them accomplish their goal of being known as the compassionate leader in healthcare services and assists in providing exceptional care to the community of Moscow and its surrounding areas for years to come!

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