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Using Infographics to Send a Serious Message

Emily Del Favero

The infographics developed for The Walker Center are a perfect example of how data and copy-heavy information are better conveyed and digested visually. The topic of addiction treatment is often a negative conversation, and it can feel overwhelming for potential clients and their family members. These infographics are professional, informative, and neutral. The reader is provided information so they can either make an educated decision about treatment or feel better prepared to have difficult conversations.

The infographics live on The Walker Center’s website under their Resource Library. They are made available to everyone as part of a greater resource pool. The topics and titles of the infographics were determined by search results. Since users are searching for this information, these infographics were developed to respond to that demand. Once complete, The Walker Center’s paid search presence ensures users searching these terms are connected with our developed resources.

The Walker Center actively uses Twitter and Facebook as their primary social channels. As part of a greater social content strategy, the infographics are posted to these channels to not only inform users of new information but to increase the reach outside of those who visit the website regularly.

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