Emily Del Favero

After being intimately involved with Gold’s Gym, Treasure Valley for the majority of a decade, the club’s ownership decided not to renew its franchisee agreement with the international fitness icon. DaviesMoore took the challenge of re-branding the three Gold’s Gym locations in the Treasure Valley with a new identity that was empowering and inspirational, while communicating the upscale, yet welcoming experience of the club.

Over a four-month period, DaviesMoore developed a rebranding strategy that included a new name, identity and an integrated marketing campaign that was designed to elevate the attitudes and perceptions of an already iconic company. We launched the new brand in September 2011, targeting three key audiences: employees, members and the community. In addition to advertising, DaviesMoore facilitated all aspects of the rebrand including promotional materials, permanent signage, public relations and merchandising. Axiom saw the impact of the rebrand in their club statistics in September and October with an increase in telephone inquiries (39%) and guest traffic (22%) over the previous year.

We currently manage all social media platforms for Axiom. By positioning Axiom as the Treasure Valley’s foremost fitness experts and finest health clubs, we use social media to target current and prospective members via content that is inspiring, motivating and increases engagement both in the club and online.
Their presence spans popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. Additionally, we develop regular newsletter and blog content as part of the club’s inbound marketing strategy. With a robust content calendar in place, DaviesMoore creates messaging for all platforms separately, in order to craft content strategically according to each channel’s separate demographic profiles.

In 2014, we developed a refreshed art direction that utilizes custom photography that was shot at the newest Axiom club at The Village in Meridian. The new campaign pays homage to the previous creative in its inspiring message and tone, while featuring the clear price point of $19.95 per month. The stylish new look creates truly encapsulates the Axiom experience. From yoga and GroupAx, to swimming and personal training, the use of colorful photos and geometric shapes reflect the club’s beautiful, welcoming and motivational environment. Our headlines are benefit driven; focusing on powerful reasons that makes Axiom the Treasure Valley’s premier fitness club.

The success of our marketing partnership with Gold’s Gym Treasure Valley and Axiom is best measured over the years. From one outdated club with 1,500 unengaged members in 2002 to four clubs with a thriving membership base of 36,000, DaviesMoore continually strives to attract and maintain an active membership base by staying at the forefront an ever-changing marketing landscape.


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