Creative roundup: don’t STOP THE PRESS!

116 & West

This month in our creative roundup we’re highlighting some good old-fashioned print pieces.

Print has come under increasing threat from the rising tide of digital. However, despite being seen by some as less strategic than digital interaction, it remains very effective and still commands our respect. And there’s something about the smell of fresh ink, the tangibility, and permanence that still draws me to it.

Here are a few of our print favorites from Q4.

Kendall Auto
We’ve had fun bringing the Kellendar to fruition! You can get your 2019 11-month Kellendar, full of none other than Kellen Moore – Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Coach and former BSU winningest quarterback, at Kendall Auto. You can also watch the Kellendar commercial here.

Alzar School
As part of a complete digital campaign and new website build, we created a series of mailers and brochures which included this beautiful viewbook.

As part of our holiday giving this year, we created this fun coloring book, illustrated by Kelly Knopp, that we delivered to local schools and children’s charities along with crayons and some DM cheer.

At DM, we know that the best way to market your business is to utilize as many channels as possible to reach every corner of your target demographic; and that should not exclude print.

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