"Debbie Debbie." A 360-Degree Music Video

Jason Sievers

This week I partnered with VeeR, an online and app-based VR content provider, to debut a new 360 video for Boise band Jetski. Although I’ve been playing with 360-degree photo and video for a couple years, “Debbie Debbie” benefited from a recent camera upgrade (I shot this with my Ricoh Theta V_) and upgrades to Adobe Premiere that better support 360 video editing.
I’ve been making music videos for the last 17 years or so, but I started out in stop motion animation. When I tried my hand at making live action videos, I was perplexed by the amount of logging and editing required; it is a much more reductive process than animation where every painstaking second of footage is precious. Shooting live action in 360 is the same and possibly even more restrictive as quick cuts and edits can be very disorienting for people (especially if they are watching in a VR headset). I definitely found myself fighting some of my urges to edit at a quicker pace and had to leave out several shots in the final edit. The rules and standards of 360 editing are still being written, so trial and error is the name of the game. I watched partial edits in a Google Cardboard headset along the way which helped me see what was working and not working. Some quick 360 home movies with my kids also helped me work through some of the technical considerations with my camera before shooting this project.
I’d love for people to experience this video in a VR headset or with their phone and some glasses, which can be done via VeeR’s apps on all major platforms. You can also check it out in your browser here.
Thanks to the partners at DaviesMoore and my co-workers who support my creative endeavors and put up with things like the company men’s room being turned into a video set. Special thanks to my actors Frankly Frankie and John Edsall, singer for local band Mantooth.