Healthwise: Defining a Brand Through Web

Emily Del Favero

Healthwise, a nonprofit technology company and health solution provider, was in need of rebranding and a new medium to share their message with the world. They selected DaviesMoore to help tell their unique story and design and develop a new website. The goal was to effectively communicate the Healthwise story and provide a clean user experience that was above and beyond a typical healthcare industry website.

The full scope of this project included a storytelling component to define their brand messaging, which then led into the website design and development including six animated guided tours.

The Healthwise website is DaviesMoore’s largest web development project to date with over a hundred pages that pass accessibility requirements WCAG 2.0 Level AA for all users to have equal access to functionality and information. Working collaboratively alongside the Healthwise team, we reorganized content, improved navigation, provided clear CTAs, created visually compelling animations and an accessible user experience that effectively delivers the Healthwise story, technology and information to their audience.

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