Family Advocates: Kind of a Big Deal

Emily Del Favero

Our relationship with Family Advocates began when they were awarded the DM CareMoore Pro Bono Partnership for 2017. The CareMoore Pro Bono Partnership provides an opportunity for one local nonprofit organization to receive free marketing services ranging from strategic planning to digital, creative and brand development. While we always receive an amazing pool of applicants that provide something special to our community, this year the heart-strings were tugged just a little tighter as we chose to partner with the Family Advocates organization. Family Advocates works to strengthen families and keep kids safe by empowering everyday people to protect and enrich the lives of youth. Their CareMoore Pro Bono Partnership campaign included branding, messaging, a recruitment campaign, landing page development, website development, and event and social media graphics.

The main goal of the website portion of the project was to develop a site that was an effective vehicle to attract, educate and foster volunteerism with the Family Advocates program. Their website is the #1 branding medium for their entire program, which is based on their incredible team of volunteers. Without their volunteers, the program would not be able to survive.

In need for a more attractive and simplified user experience for their target audience, we worked with the Family Advocates team to design and develop a beautiful website with clear CTAs, easy to use forms, a calendar of events, blog and more. The full scope of the website project included brand development, a smooth user experience, content strategy, custom and responsive development, enhanced security, integration with an online donation software and email hosting set-up. To check out the full site, please visit www.familyadvocates.org

In addition to website development, one of the biggest impacts DM was able to make for the Family Advocates family was by helping them strategize, brand, message, design and build the Show Us Your Brave landing page volunteer recruitment campaign. Because of this single campaign, Family Advocates was able to secure over 60 community volunteers and a marketing budget to be able to continue their marketing efforts with DaviesMoore in 2018!

Executive Director Jaime Hansen was ecstatic with the results. “With the CareMoore grant through DaviesMoore, Family Advocates was able to target potential volunteers, raise our visibility, and increase our funding so we could provide more support to the families we serve. This is a big deal. Their guidance and support meant 66 more community members volunteered to help a child of abuse, neglect, and abandonment, as well as stabilize the education programs we provide. The team at DaviesMoore has revolutionized the way we implement our mission. So much so that our board and staff have decided to hire them to continue their work—a large feat for a nonprofit without a historical marketing budget.”

The work that Family Advocates does every day to improve the lives of children, parents and the community is admirable. Their efforts protect, support and enhance the lives of our future, which we think is a very big deal. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this extraordinary team and are excited to keep them in our family!

If you would like to learn more about Family Advocates or how you can make a difference, please visit their new website.