Front and Center: Making Collateral That Stands Out


The Idaho Diabetes Prevention Program needed to build awareness about prediabetes, and the lifestyle resources available to those at risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. Researchers have found that making healthy lifestyle choices can delay or prevent Type 2 diabetes. Client identified the need for a suite of rack cards that would live on brochure walls at clinics, offices, and elsewhere.

</strong>Our objective was twofold: First, make the front of the rack cards stand out and get noticed. Second, entice people to open the cards and read the contents. The primary question was – how do you create collateral material, like a rack card, that will stand out in a sea of similar brochures? Our creative team worked backward, by starting with the crowd and solving for what will catch peoples’ eye.

With this in mind, we started by looking at the environment in which our rack card would be living. Staying true to the strategy of creating a stand out piece, crafted to be picked up and opened, meant deviating from the traditional elements so frequently seen in these types of materials.

The wording, coupled with the visual, invites the reader to look inside to satisfy their curiosity around the suggested unknown that lies within the rack card, creating instant engagement. Our success with these collateral materials has opened the door to further work for this, and other divisions of the Idaho Department of Health &amp; Welfare.