Mercer Island Group

Emily Del Favero



Mercer Island Group was founded in 1990 with a simple goal in mind: helping executives, teams and organizations succeed. As the West Coast’s preeminent management consulting firm, they needed a website that would effectively communicate their value. MIG knew they needed a website that could be used as lead generation for people looking into their company for the first time and for repeat customers looking for resources. They also wanted us to create a platform where agency data and information could be shared with companies looking for an agency.

A few of the site’s technical aspects include:

  • WordPress CMS functionality for easy updates
  • The ability to gate specific content, specifically whitepapers and specified articles
  • An Agency database for storing information about each agency (for internal MIG use)
  • A Client portal to share agency data with agency search clients
  • An agile framework that could house a blog when their content is ready
  • A well-organized client page easily filterable by industry

The new MIG website is highly functional and visually stunning – delivering more than MIG every imagined.

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