Hawkins Companies: Reinventing a Digital Presence

Emily Del Favero


Hawkins Companies reached out to DM looking to reinvent their digital presence with a new website. In need of a total web-makeover and a goal to launch before their biggest conference of the year, the creative and digital teams pulled together to create content, design and develop a site that gave this 40+ year old company the brand new look they were craving on time and on budget. By understanding our client, were able to showcase the things that makes Hawkins Co. stand out in the crowd – their beautiful architecture, creative ability to preserve the history of the sites they develop through art, the integrity, history and professionalism of the company and also the fun and welcoming culture of the team. Some of the key features of the new site included a property search functionality, light animation, a portfolio photo gallery, and a culture and blog page to highlight the cool employee environment including company cruises and philanthropic events.

Campaign Components