Emily Del Favero



The Walker Center is Idaho’s premier residential and outpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment provider. DaviesMoore launched a new art direction and strategy over fours year ago aimed at decision markers, namely hitting the “Four L’s:” Lovers, Livers, Lawyers, and Livelihoods. The campaign was successful and played a role in strong growth and awareness across the state. While successful, the campaign needed a refresh to continue to brand the Walker Center throughout Idaho. The Walker Center’s website had also grown dated, with a limited CMS to allow the Walker Center the ability to make content changes on their own to keep the site current.


After running the Walker Center’s “Four L’s” campaign, primarily through print and out-of-home mediums, DaviesMoore recommended a change in direction. Our strategy was to introduce a completely unique and new art direction, addressing a number of the excuses one may make to state they’re not an addict. With a strong outdoor presence and a limited budget to create ongoing messages, we developed an art direction that was compelling and visually unique, especially for outdoor media. The billboards were intentionally busy, metaphorically addressing the chaos and eruption addiction plays on both an individual and family. The billboards were designed to entice individuals driving by to consume more of the content each time they passed. Despite the chaos, the campaign had a clear call-to-action to visit the Walker Center when the excuses don’t cut it anymore with versions created to address both a young and old demographic.

The new art direction and style was built into other campaign elements including Search Engine Marketing, Facebook ads, Pandora ads, and was also incorporated into a new website art direction. The website offered a much more calming presence, taking what was unique with the billboard designs, and incorporating a feeling that one has come to the right place for help with addiction. Developed in WordPress, the website offers the ability to easily navigate through the site and make content changes as-needed. The inclusion of a parallax provides a unique user experience and design element within the site. Every page throughout the site has a clear call-to-action to call for a confidential drug and alcohol assessment. The site clearly provides the type of information an individual seeking the Walker Center’s services would find useful.


The campaign has been positively received by alumni of the Walker Center, current staff and the public. The campaign has launched in three Idaho markets, and has garnered an early increase in brand awareness. The website is set up to help collect all the new leads from all online marketing efforts such as Facebook ads and SEM. Their social media profiles are branded and active to ensure consistency across all touch points and interesting, engaging content for potential visitors and a blog has been implemented to increase organic rankings and promote thought leadership. By crafting content that appeals to the target audience, The Walker Center has seen an increase in the organic traffic to the website by 70% and an increase in social media traffic by 1000%. Pages viewed per person on average have increased by 20%, and the average time on site has increased by 40%.

Campaign Components