Meet the Experience 805 Interns!

116 & West

Elia: Hey, I am Elia (pronounced ellie-uh)! As a native Idahoan, I love spending time outside. I enjoy everything from hiking, to fishing, skiing, and backpacking trips. I just graduated college in Western Pennsylvania where I received my B.A in Communications and Environmental Studies. As a cat lover I hope to own an adventure cat one day (see @sukicat on Instagram), or maybe even an adventure hedgehog (to be determined). Currently, I am obsessed with the show The Handmaid’s Tale even though I cry almost every episode. I like to ride my bike around Boise, freestyle with my friends, sing along to musicals, and most recently I have been filming a documentary! I can’t wait to LearnMoore about the industry!
Fun Fact: I am a citizen in the United States and Mexico! Also, I am ambidextrous.
Sarah: Hi I’m Sarah, I am a recent graduate of Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, with a B.F.A. in graphic design. I started my college career at Aquinas studying studio art, mostly charcoal drawing but a little bit of everything from ceramics to oil painting. After about two years of that I transferred to KCAD and found my true passion in graphic design. I moved to Idaho the day after graduation and am so excited to be here. Some fun facts; my favorite food is watermelon, hate salads, I’m a beach bum, terrified of spiders, but I love puppies and most animals plus I used to work on two horse farms in high school (they are like big dogs). I used to go to Lake Michigan all the time in the summer and I can’t wait to explore the mountains here.
Fun Fact: I bartended my way through college, studied the art of hand crafted cocktails and wrote a 40 page publication on bartenders around Grand Rapids.

Brittany: Hi everyone, my name is Brittany! I am a senior at Boise State University studying communications with an emphasis in public relations and nonprofit management. At Boise State, I am an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I’m obsessed with French Bulldogs, macarons, and watching Wheel of Fortune. One day, I’d love to have a French Bulldog named Marvin. For now, you’ll find me trying new restaurants and sharing food culture with my friends. Interning at DaviesMoore is a great stepping stone to my future and I am so excited to be a Suits intern here!
Fun fact: I broke my leg in a Spiderman bounce house when I was six years old, so now I am traumatized and terrified of bounce houses.

Jacey: Hello, I’m Jacey! I graduated this May from the University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a minor in art. I’m hot off of a busy college life where I spent my time immersing myself in organizations on and off campus such as greek life, the NSAC competitive advertising team and anything and everything else that my FOMO led me to be a part of! I’m passionate about so many things, a few being: design, photography, Harry Potter, rock oldies, adventures in my Volkswagen Beetle, skiing, and quirky dive bars full of friends. While I know I will miss walking to class under trees and beautiful architecture, I am loving the downtown scenery and new group of people that DaviesMoore brings me while I’m absorbing information as a Sandals intern and kicking off my post-grad life.
Fun Fact: All of us Experience 805 interns this year are Ravenclaws!

Our First Project

Our unique personalities allowed us to come together to create a logo and social media presence that defines this year’s interns. Elia took charge in photography and envisioned locations that represented DaviesMoore. Jacey’s and Sarah’s extensive design experience created content that was once just an idea from a “Suits” intern. Brittany is super organized and tasked us the deadlines through a task organizer that DaviesMoore uses called Asana. Overall, we worked sidebyside to create content for the social media which highlights the DaviesMoore 805 Experience and the dichotomy between the Suits (account services) and Sandals internships (creative services).
For our first big project, we were tasked with creating a logo to brand the Experience 805 internship program that aligns with the DaviesMoore philosophy. Immediately, we came together and thought about the historic “805 Idaho” sign attached to the building. The Sandals interns wanted to create a logo that reflected the originality of the sign, but modernize the design through creative aspects that represent DaviesMoore.
The DaviesMoore logo is made up of a bright summer popsicle blue and we wanted to incorporate a color complementary to the logo. At first, we thought we wanted to do orange because it would compliment the blue but we quickly realized that the bright orange would be a little much. Jacey exclaimed “If we want to do orange, we have to do a creamsicle orange, not a bright orange like Boise State orange.” Our color scheme consists of colors we found around the office like the lime green, greys, and hues of blue.
DaviesMoore prides itself on being a “true reflection of Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.” We created a logo to embody the agency’s fun and eccentric personality as we kick off into summer.


Overall, we had a really fun time collaborating on a project that gave us so much creative freedom! So far, we’ve all enjoyed our experience with DaviesMoore and can’t wait for what’s in store.
Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram when we take over the DaviesMoore social media accounts June 25 to June 29!