116 and Quarantine: An Update from Us

116 & West

We were only a few days into quarantine when we each got the assignment to write a blog. The assignment was called “feels blog,” and our leaders asked us to, well, write about our feelings. This assignment was met with a little trepidation. Was it okay to tell the partners we weren’t doing all that well? Was it okay to be real about feeling angry, scared, and frustrated?

Throughout the week, we got over our fears and turned in our blogs to the partners. Some of us shared our thoughts with the team, some of us kept them private. The partners read our work and responded to each of us. At the end of the week, we were rewarded with a blog written by the big man himself, our founding partner and CEO, Edward Moore.

We think it’s pretty awesome and wanted to share:

“There are many things we think we know. Most of the time, however, they are just things we believe. If there is one thing this situation has instilled in me it is this: To find the truth, I must check my perceptions and challenge my assumptions.

 As you all know, I am a bit of an empath. Each of your blogs has been a way for me to connect with you and your feelings. Some of you I know better today than I did mere weeks ago. This is truly a blessing for someone wired like me.

 I believe the Universe conspires for our little agency in fascinating and mysterious ways and has for many years. It is hard to imagine and even harder to put down on paper the upsides of a global pandemic, especially when I read stories of people losing their loved ones and feel the fear and angst with which each of you is dealing. But, truly, this is how I am wired; not only have Carolyn and I been blessed to share in your WFH lives, stories, and feelings, we have been reminded that we built a business, made mostly of people, that will withstand the harshest storm.

 You are the materials we used to build and I am confident we chose our materials well. In short, if I’m to weather this storm, I’m glad I’m doing it with each of you by my side.

 Here are some other random observations:

  • downtown traffic lights should be considered optional
  • the best capitalists understand the value of some socialism
  • there is never a better time to study history
  • economics is FASCINATING
  • a lot of people don’t understand economics
  • there are some funny and insightful people on Twitter
  • there is also a huge jackass on Twitter
  • you can get one hell of a workout with one of those little therapy rubber bands
  • I have NEVER regretted a long walk
  • things that make us happy are right under our nose
  • I can’t wait to make homemade donuts this weekend
  • I am going to Facetime my loved ones more often after this
  • the on/off switch for automated marketing must be really hard to find

 My promise to you: I will diligently try to discern what I know from what I believe. And I, with my amazing partner by my side, will work my ass off to get us through this storm unscathed. I offer my sincere gratitude to each of you for doing your part. Be well.”

From the team

Over the past couple of months, some of us have fared better, some of us worse. Collectively, we’ve done our damndest to do our job for our clients and our agency. We haven’t lost sight of who we are as a business and we sure as hell haven’t gone more than a day without checking on each other.

We can’t wait to get back to normal, but until that happens, we extend our (well-washed) hand in friendship and solidarity.

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