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All Together Now: 116 & West 2.0 Retreat

Erin McCarthy

We live in a virtual world, but sometimes you gotta go analog.

On the eve of our big announcement, we gathered IRL in McCall, Idaho, to cement our expanded gang of jocks, artists, and weirdos.

Set with the backdrop of Payette Lake, and no, we didn’t spot Sharlie; however, we do have a Sasquatch aficionado on our team. We gathered as one big happy family with open minds and hearts to what was next for 116 & West (Boise + Spokane).

A sandwiched agenda of fun/meetings/fun led to several discoveries about each other. Though some of us live in a constant state of fear about sharing a “fun fact” about ourselves, when it came down to it, there were roars of laughter that rippled over the lake and probably woke up a few hotel guests.

Shared by a common bond of creativity and passion and separated by only 4 degrees of latitude, the momentum was palpable. We hit the ground running primarily due to the value of sharing the same physical space. The inclination to share an embarrassing story (we heard many) isn’t there if you can’t laugh about it in person.

There is no replacement for in-person connection. Gaining context for a new coworker’s loveable quirks can build the foundation for a healthy working relationship. Ideas were exchanged, merriment was had, and we are refreshed and ready to roll. We’re a work hard, play hard crew ready to take on the PNW by storm.

116 & West, led by a visionary and an operator (Eddie and Carolyn, the real MVPs), value getting out of the office and into the mountains to spend time together. Lucky us.

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