Campaign Creation: “Luck Happens”

116 & West

Studying the Market

During the discovery phase with Idaho Lottery’s Powerball campaign, 116 & West uncovered several critical points. First, players experience jackpot fatigue and were less likely to play until the jackpot reached $100 million. Second, the iconic BALL mascot was a client sacred cow and needed to be featured prominently in the new campaign.

With this in mind, 116 & West developed the highly successful ‘Luck Happens’ campaign. This benefits-driven concept zeroed into the heart of why people play: It could happen to me. The art direction of print, outdoor, and online advertising was driven by bold headlines and photography featuring BALL and previous lucky winners. The television and radio ads featured retro, classics-era, custom-recorded scores.

The Outcome of “Luck Happens”

Comparing Powerball sales during the same jackpot level over the previous years, the ‘Luck Happens’ campaign consistently performed above average. As the flagship game in the Idaho Lottery portfolio of games, our Powerball campaign played a huge role in the Idaho Lottery’s record-breaking sales year.

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