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Campaigning to End Child Abuse

Emily Del Favero

116 & West first partnered with Family Advocates through our 2017 In Cahoots program, providing marketing services on a pro bono basis. Family Advocates is a private, independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency, founded in 1978 by two foster parents who saw the need for advocacy for children. The organization’s mission is to help end child abuse in the State of Idaho. The organization serves 10 counties across Idaho and nearly 1,000 children and families per year.

Through the In Cahoots partnership, Family Advocates hoped to boost volunteer recruitment, allowing the organization to expand its efforts to enrich the lives of children who have been victims of abuse or neglect.

Identifying a Campaign Goal

In order to help Family Advocates attract volunteers, we researched and asked questions to put together the full context, requirements, and governance over Family Advocates’ volunteer program. At the start of 2017, Family Advocates did not have enough volunteers to support its programs for parents and children. The organization’s state funding is based on volunteer and participation metrics, highlighting the need for a robust recruitment campaign.

With the goal of filling all of Family Advocates’ volunteer positions, 116 & West needed to create a campaign that encouraged people to engage with Family Advocates and serve as guardians ad litem and/or program volunteers.

Developing Campaign Personas

116 & West began by developing personas to establish the demographics and psychographics of the ideal volunteer. We used personas to help inform the best marketing tactics for recruiting. Through this process, we targeted women, ages 45 and over, with higher income and either a part-time job or unemployed.

After identifying our target audience, we determined that a Facebook campaign combined with radio ads on NPR would be the best mix of tactics to reach our persona. The Facebook campaign and NPR ads drove our audience to a Family Advocates landing page where users could sign up to become a volunteer.

Seeing Results

As we built this campaign, the key to its success was taking the time to understand Family Advocates’ programs and services. Rather than a shotgun approach, we intentionally researched and developed who would be the best fit for volunteering, allowing us to create compelling messaging that drove results.

The volunteer recruitment campaign was a resounding success. Leveraging a total budget of $5,000, 69 people signed up to be volunteers. Family Advocates’ state funding increased by $500,000 because of the huge influx of volunteers. The campaign was so successful that Family Advocates now has a waiting list of people willing to volunteer and fill future positions.

116 & West is proud to have helped Family Advocates spread their message and attract volunteers for such an inspiring cause.

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