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Company Retreat 2017: Sunriver, Oregon

Edward Moore

Sunriver Oregon
At 116 & West we highly value collaboration. In fact, what we call MooreCollaboration is a key element of our creative process. This means not only collaborating with our clients and the key partners that help us execute campaigns but effectively and efficiently collaborating with each other to develop MooreInsight, which becomes the basis of every strategy. Collaboration, as we employ it, requires high levels of understanding, trust, and communication amongst our entire team. While we have a number of employee get-togethers to discuss our mission, vision, values, and processes, our company retreat is designed to promote team chemistry. It is a chance to know each other on deeper levels—and exercise in bonding and cross-functional team building.

Our company retreats have been part of the 116 & West tradition for over 15 years. While our growth has made the logistics behind a retreat significant, this year’s company retreat proves the value of the short, company-wide get-away.

Sunriver Oregon
When a crew of 20+ advertising people shows up at a pool, well, it’s ON. We bathed and we basked, and before long it was time to mosey back to the condos to freshen up for dinner. The Mt. Bachelor lawn, looking beyond the golf course at the sun setting over the foothills of the Cascade Range, was the perfect venue to arrive “same place” spiritually as we enjoyed dinner, dessert(s), and a private fire pit.
There was singing, hot tubbing, and board games, as well as some much-needed early-to-bed rest for a few of our new parents.

The sun rose predictably the next morning with perfect weather for some SUP and hikes followed by a group lunch. With just 24 hours including a bus ride to and from Sunriver Resort, this may sound like a boondoggle. However, it was a well-planned and deliberate boondoggle, which reminded each of us of the love and respect we have for our fellow DMers that is a key to our creative thinking and collaboration. BIG thanks go out to Sunriver Resort, Caldwell Transportation, and our tireless COO, Carolyn, who made it so easy for the rest of us.

Sunriver Oregon

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