Crowning Achievements: Celebrating our 2018 Employees of the Year

Carolyn Lodge

In true ‘80s formal fashion, we celebrated our employees of the year with crowns and tiaras.   The evening itself was magical and topping it off with the acknowledgement of our team and all we’ve accomplished together was a delight.  With such a strong team, it is always hard to identify a few individuals, but we were pleased to highlight the growth of a few family members with the following awards.

Team Member of the Year
This award is voted on by the DaviesMoore family and is in place to recognize the person we believe stands out in the DM family, constantly goes the extra mile, works their little fingers to the bone, represents DaviesMoore the best or simply makes our day brighter. With an unbridled work ethic and a heart of gold, it was no surprise that Kelsey Selis was the recipient of this year’s award.  Kelsey has been instrumental across the board with branding for new clients, RFP’s, and everything in between.  She is a workhorse and approaches each day with the most positive attitude.  Her smile lights up a room and she is one of the most genuine spirits I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.  Congratulations, Kelsey!

Rookie of the Year

A rookie season may come with a lot of pressure, but when you’re a slugger like Danielle Hannan, you knock it out of the park (see what I did there? She’s a former softball star, so it’s only fitting).  Danielle joined us this year as our operations assistant and office manager. Ask anyone in the office and they’ll tell you what a great addition she has been to the team.  She has a quirky sense of humor, the ability to juggle a myriad of tasks and makes every day a little better with her pop-culture insights. Danielle has taken on a variety of jobs in her short tenure and has excelled with each opportunity.  We’re excited to see how her career with DaviesMoore shapes up and love having her on the team.

New to the lineup this year is an award that celebrates the specific growth and accomplishments of a team member.  This year, Megan Roberto took on a new role as an Account Executive and took the world by storm.  With increased responsibility, she has grown significantly in her role. Megan stepped up in every sense of the phrase, taking on robust accounts and managing them like a seasoned pro.  Her calm and pleasant demeanor, coupled with a get-it-done attitude, has made her stand out in the crowd and earned her our first ever GrowMoore award.  Keep up the great work, Meg! We are so proud of you.

Our DMVP award celebrates the person we believe has most benefitted the agency from a business perspective.  This isn’t a cut-and-dry decision because there isn’t a list of requirements.  Oftentimes it is the type of person who would ignore a list anyway and just do what they feel is right. If you know Kelly Knopp,
you know he has a lot of big ideas and always seeks improvement.  Kelly has brought this fire to DaviesMoore through new business pitches, creative work for a variety of clients and a desire to help shape the agency by highlighting our strengths as a creative shop. He’s candid but respectful, and the kind of guy I’d want in the foxhole next to me. His accomplishments on the creative side are numerous but don’t outweigh the impact he’s made as a leader of this team – curating  our culture and leading the charge with a vision that excites us all. He may be a damn fine artist, but he’s an even better human.  Thanks for everything, Kelly! We look forward to seeing what the future holds.