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Employee Wellness: Making Healthy Habits

116 & West

Employee wellnessBut first, a disclaimer:

Let me start by mentioning that I work in Marketing and Advertising, I’m not a doctor, and what you are about to read are my own insights on health and wellness.

Diving Into Wellness

Wellness is about more than just eating the right things and 30 minutes of physical fitness five days a week. Certainly, these things are important to your wellness journey, but there are many things everyone should consider and implement into their daily routines. Wellness encompasses all aspects of your health, including stress, hydration, social interaction, sleep, diet, flexibility, and exercise.

Having a well-balanced life is difficult to achieve. It’s hard to keep up with everything, but you can start by making an effort to just feel better. Life today, especially in the Marketing and Advertising world, is very demanding. Daily deadlines, clients and co-workers to manage, expectations to exceed, ever-evolving technology to master, news and politics to stay up to date on, diet and exercise fads, social expectations and social media, fashion, friends, family. Life can be very stressful, and everything that touches your life affects your wellness.

Daily Tips for Wellness

Simple changes can be made to make big differences in your life, but these can be different for everyone. The most important thing is to be mindful of everything that’s happening. Know your body and know what you need to do to adjust. Small adjustments can be made to help with stress, flexibility, and diet.

Try incorporating one or two of these tips into your daily routine and see if you notice any differences in how you feel:

  • Drink 8 oz of water first thing in the morning. It helps wake you up and get things moving. But don’t stop there—keep drinking water all day. Your body is made up of water, so hydrate!
  • Don’t let yourself get so hungry that you eat the entire jar of candy at your desk. Snack on some almonds or a piece of cheese until you can get real food.
  • Slow down when you eat. It takes 10-15 minutes for your stomach to get the signal to your brain that you are full. If you shovel your food down, you can end up eating more than your body actually needs.
  • Brush your teeth when you get a craving for something you know you shouldn’t eat.
  • Take a walk on your lunch break. It gives you a chance to clear your mind, and you’ll be more productive.
  • Plan your meals. This is easier said than done, I know, but you will eat better and probably save some of your hard-earned money if you just plan ahead.
  • Change into your exercise clothes before you try to talk yourself out of going for that run. Sometimes changing is half the battle and you’ll probably feel good that you didn’t bail on your goals.
  • Take 1-2 mental breaks during your workday to breathe deeply and get some oxygen flowing through your blood.
  • Stretch

Joining a Health Community

At 116 & West, we know that healthy employees equal healthy work. We use an app called Hubbub Health to track all wellness challenges, watch leaderboards, and encourage and support one another. Every month we have a company-wide wellness challenge, and employees can earn points by participating and winning the challenges. Friends and family are encouraged to join the challenges to add a fun dynamic to the program. In addition to the challenges, we host speakers and put on a variety of classes that everyone can participate in. Everyone has their own goals and specific needs, and that’s something we want to support.  It’s about you and how to be the best you.