High Country Fun with the Westies

116 & West

Last Sunday, July 21st, a giant bus jam-packed with boxes of food, coolers of booze, and 21 116 & West teammates left downtown Boise and headed to Orofino for the annual 116 & West Employee Retreat.

As the bus rolled North through Idaho, the team ate snacks, (a LOT of snacks), played cards, asked each other revealing questions, adventured into the bus’s restroom on curvy roads, and generally enjoyed one another’s company. (It’s a good thing we all get along so well because the bus ride was 6 hours.)

Welcome to High Country Inn!

The team arrived at the High Country Inn in Orofino, ready to stretch their legs, check out the cabins, and bust out the lawn games. After some ladder golf and corn hole, the team sat down to a delicious fajita dinner made by the incredible hosts at the High Country Inn.  After dessert, we sat by the fire and discussed Face App, our dogs, and the best ways to change the subject. (The right way, apparently, is to casually remark about the weather.)

The next day, we woke up to a big breakfast and got ready to head down to Dworshak reservoir for a day on the water. In two boats loaded with enough snacks, water, and adult beverages for 2 weeks, the team headed a square dock in a gorgeous inlet.

We basically spent the day eating and drinking too many alcoholic seltzers. We also did a lot of wake surfing and boarding, water skiing, SUPing, swimming, jumping off rocks, and learning more about each other.

Headed back (too soon)

We headed back to the Inn with suntans (and a few burns) and big smiles. After an amazing steak dinner, we enjoyed the warm evening air and talked together about everything from our Olympic dreams to Nietzsche, to absinthe.

We left the next morning thankful to spend time outside of work with our coworkers. Our deep conversations, quality time together, and adventures brought us all closer. Each of us found new connections with coworkers we hadn’t gotten to know very well and we collectively feel more cohesive.

116 & West is truly like a family. It’s shared experiences like the one we had in Orofino that make it such a special place. We’re so grateful for each of our unique skills and personalities.

Undoubtedly, our special connection as a team will not only help us do even more awesome work together, but have more fun while we’re doing it!

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