Improving SEO to Reach Target Audiences

116 & West

The Campaign Objective

With Idaho setting higher expectations for students by adopting the Common Core Standards in 2011, 116 & West was hired to launch a campaign to educate parents and teachers on how these standards will not only improve the education system statewide but also prepare each child for college and career.

Reaching the Target Audience

116 & West set out to create engaging content that would appeal to mostly mothers aged 18 to 44 who seemed to be most active in this topic of education. The types of content that they would read and share amongst their friends included videos, infographics, blogs, and engaging images with quotations from the website.

With an updated website and a place to host all this new content, 116 & West was able to improve on SEO and reach the desired audience.

Taking over already existing social media accounts and creating new accounts on untapped platforms 116 & West was able to share content to wider audiences and began introducing more engaging and relevant content.

The Results

  • Website visits improved by almost 900%
  • Content sharing impressions on social media average between 20k and 50k each month
  • Grew Facebook likes by 60%
  • 180,598 total users reached through Facebook
  • 11,114 users engaged on Facebook
  • 14.3K Twitter impressions
  • Audiences, content sharing, and engagement increased month over month.

Campaign Components


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