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2.13.20 |

Introducing Our 2019 Employees of the Year

Carolyn Lodge

As we wrapped up our tenure as DaviesMoore, ready to embark on our new adventure of 116 & West, we took a moment to reflect upon the last year. At a brunch commemorating our new brand, we celebrated the new phase of our agency and the brilliant team behind the brand.

The members of 116 & West are truly incredible. I often look around the room in amazement and am filled with pride that we’ve found such a talented crew. They are all good at their jobs, of course, but beyond that, their hearts are pure and their intentions are always for the best. Being surrounded by this level of humanity makes it hard to choose only a few to recognize, but we also feel it is important to keep our traditions alive and acknowledge leadership, grit, and growth. Our employee awards are intended to do just that.

Team Member of the Year

Our Team Member of the Year is voted on by the full staff. We cast our vote based on who we believe made a difference in our agency, who works their fingers to the bone, and/ or who makes our days a little brighter. Emily Del Favero does all of those things in spades. It’s not uncommon to find her working at all hours of the night, she’s the most detailed/precise/ordered person I know, and she can command a schedule like no one’s business.

This year, she handled many accounts and served as our internal lead on our agency rebrand. Do you know how hard that is? Hard. She did it like the pro she is. Beyond that, Emily has a heart of gold. She is one of the kindest women I know and always seeks to lend a helping hand. You may have also met her doggy, Jax. He’s in the office pretty much every day and just like his mama, he’s the kindest soul. I like to believe he fills her cup up as much as she fills ours.

Rookie of the Year

Rookie of the Year can be a bit of a misnomer, especially when the award goes to an agency vet. Dustin Cook joined our agency over the summer but happens to be one of the most experienced members of our team. He’s clearly a born leader and swooped into this place with donuts and cookies and thank yous all around. In my interview with him, he told me he likes to be the “team mom.” I remember thinking, “Huh, cute thing to say in an interview.” But for real, this guy delivers. He delivers on all the treats, he delivers on last-minute scopes of work, on new business meetings, and on making everyone around him better at their jobs. We’re so fortunate Dustin chose us.


GrowMoore is an award that speaks to the heart of our culture. Our desire is to help employees carve a path toward growth in our agency, and we like to reward that effort. Determining this award gives me the greatest joy because it acknowledges the value of grit. Christelle Lyman has been an incredible member of our creative team since the day she joined. She works so hard and has an intense desire to deliver the best product possible. I do not know an individual who puts more heart into anything in life.

This year, Christelle grew in incredible ways – taking on a leadership role as she mentored other production designers and even worked 13 hours on a Sunday in order to meet a client deadline. Her work ethic, drive, and attitude have been incredible to watch and we’re thrilled to see her continue to carve her path.


DMVP is the award that goes to the individual who has made the largest impact on the enterprise. Nominations for this award are typically centered around the growth of our agency and similar growth in role or scope. Megan Roberto stepped boldly into account management a few years ago and has never looked back.

In the last year, she helped earn and now manages, two major accounts. Her role in new business, account management, and leadership of our internship program has been a full plate, which she has managed incredibly well. Remember, Megan is the boss babe that got two promotions in one year. She found her place in our family, she found her niche in our process, and she kills it all day, every day. Megan does all of this with a sense of calm that I wish I could replicate. She is kind, caring, a true team player, and a very deserving recipient of our final DMVP award.

We couldn’t do it without you

Thank you all for the heart and soul you pour into our business each and every day. Our crew is strong because of the individuals that make it up, but also because of the attitude exhibited throughout our culture. We are stronger together. #westworthy

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