Kelly is back! (And weirder than ever.)

Cassie Smith

We are Christmas-eve excited to announce the return of Kelly Knopp. After a stint as a free-lance artist, Kelly has come back to us to fill the position of Creative Director. And, honestly, most of us had a hard time sleeping the night before his first day.

Kelly returns to us with a heap of experience as an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. He’s a whiz at brand identity development and package design. (Seriously, you should see the cool shit he makes!) Kelly has a genuine aptitude for visually communicating concepts and narratives through clever designs. He helps clients and companies of all sizes share their passions and define their purpose. He’s also funny and is a fantastic collaborator.

As our new Creative Director, Kelly will lead the creative team in the making of all things rad. We can’t wait to see where his leadership, guidance, creative mind, and wit will take us.

Join us in welcoming Kelly Knopp!