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Kudos to Our Very Own, Kelly Knopp

Emily Del Favero


Kelly Knopp artistWhat happens when you take crazy artistic talent and combine it with one rad dude? You get Kelly Knopp, the 2017 Best Local Visual Artist in Boise Weekly’s Best of Boise polls.

Perhaps most recognized for his illustrations, this well-known Boise artist is a man of many talents and accomplishments. Before Kelly joined the team at 116 & West as Senior Graphic Designer, he was a freelance designer and co-owner of Crooked Fence Brewing where he served as Creative and Marketing Director.

Kelly’s art adorns a multitude of mediums, including posters, skateboards, logos, tattoos, shoes, apps, and product packaging. His art is also featured in Boise’s iconic Freak Alley. Check out his impressive personal portfolio at and keep your eye out for his work here at 116 & West!

Working with Kelly

Working closely with the accounts, digital and creative teams, Kelly has made a huge impact on our agency and the work we produce for our clients in just a short amount of time. Creative Director, Jason Sievers, notes Kelly’s valuable contribution to the team. “We are very proud of Kelly for claiming the title of Boise’s ‘Best Visual Artist’ for the second consecutive year. The recognition is very well-deserved. Mr. Knopp joined our creative team earlier this year, and he brings the imagination and passion evident in his art to work each day.”

Kelly’s devotion to local art and promoting Boise’s kickass artists runs deep. In November 2015, Kelly and his friend, Noble Hardesty, co-founded Swell Artist Collective, which provides a place for local artists to showcase their work in a gallery open to the public as well as online and through numerous events.

Executive Creative Director, Mel Mansfield, only had the swellest things to say about Boise’s Best. “Kelly joined our team for the chance to work collaboratively and for the opportunity to cast a wider skills net, and it’s no surprise that he found success in every project he has tackled. His imagination and talent are limitless! Like Kelly always said, ‘There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.’ Or maybe that was Bob Ross? Regardless, Boise made no mistake when voting Kelly as Best Local Visual Artist, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been great having Kelly on the team, and I’m so proud of all his achievements.”

Getting Personal

The badassery of Kelly’s artistry is magnified by his humble and gracious nature. He credits his own success to the other talented individuals that surround him. This art-making, skateboarding, black diamond shredding, whiskey drankin’, guitar playing, photography experimenting, the fun-loving guy can pretty much do it all. But what is the coolest thing about Kelly? The dude loves being a dad. Above all, this modern-day Picasso is most passionate about his wife, Chaya, and their two daughters, Kae and Hadley. He loves being a dad so much that he often volunteers to be the 116 & West “team dad” on digital team outings, company retreats, coffee runs and lunch adventures.

Our hearts (and walls) are full of Kelly Knopp and his amazing art! We couldn’t be more honored to have him as a member of our Westie family, and we feel there isn’t a more deserving person for the title of Best Local Visual Artist. Cheers to you, Kelly! In your case, the art alone does not define the man.

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