New Partnership: Boise Rock School and Boise All-ages Movement Project (B-AMP)

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The 2019 CareMoore Pro Bono Partner Is… Boise Rock School and the Boise All-ages Movement Project (B-AMP)

One of the foundational pillars of DaviesMoore is our commitment to enriching our community. We are proud to support organizations that provide service, enhance culture, and generally make our world a more awesome place. Each year, we select one of these great organizations to be a pro bono partner as part of our CareMoore initiative. This year, we are psyched to partner with Boise Rock School and the Boise All-ages Movement Project (B-AMP).

The Boise Rock school has been forerunning Boise’s musical education since 2008. Their unique approach to teaching provides students of all ages the skills to learn music and be creative, but also the experiences of problem solving, compromise, and open mindedness.

In affiliation with Boise Rock School, the Boise All-ages Project (B-AMP) is a nonprofit devoted to creating an inclusive, community venue for the arts and empowering youth leadership.

One of our goals for this partnership is to make more people aware Boise Rock School and B-AMP and the incredible work they’re doing.

Both Boise Rock School and B-AMP share DM’s passion for nurturing creativity and creating opportunities for personal growth. These commonalities will make for one hell of a partnership—and we can’t wait to get started!

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