Raising Awareness of the Fast Forward Program

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Raising Awareness of the Fast Forward Program

The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness for a new program through the Idaho Department of Education, which allows high school juniors up to $200.00 and seniors up to $400.00 to cover the costs of dual-credit courses in high school (English, Spanish, Algebra, etc.) or career certification exams (including nursing, welding, and software certifications like Adobe Creative Suite) The program’s goal is to increase the number of Idahoans who earn a postsecondary degree or certificate, as only 35% of Idahoans currently have. By offering this program, the State hopes to reduce barriers like cost and college readiness by offering incentives to students to “fast forward” while still in high school.

Fast Forward – Funding for your future

As this campaign heavily targets high school students, we decided to take a fun, light-hearted approach to the messaging. As we were charged with brand development, we went through many rounds of brainstorming, naming parties, doodling reviews, and more, until we reached a consensus that the program name would be Fast Forward – Funding for your future. The entire campaign art direction uses doodles to communicate the message to the target in a fun, relevant way.

Given a budget and timing,116 & West created a plan to reach both high school students and parents in a concentrated yet relevant period of time surrounding the first few weeks of the school year. Campaign components include:

  • Microsite design and development: Rather than directing the target audience to the Department of Education website, we created a microsite specific to the Fast Forward campaign, allowing for a quick and memorable call-to-action on all supporting marketing collateral and advertisements.
  • Social media marketing: By crafting messages specific to students and parents, Fast Forward has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  To increase awareness over a shorter period of time, we focused media on each network using Twitter Website Cards, Facebook “likes” campaign, Facebook boosted posts, and YouTube pre-roll.
  • Google AdWords and analytics: Reaching students and parents based on their searches online was a tactic used to increase reach. Running AdWords allows us to implement targeting tactics specific to what people are searching for. We are also able to track the number of website visitors, what their age demographics are and what content interests them on the website.
  • TV, radio, and Pandora advertising:
    • Public service announcements: By creating short, 30 second PSA’s, 116 & West distributed these videos to their video partners for extended campaign reach. These videos are also available on the Fast Forward YouTube channel.
    • Radio advertisements: By targeting parents specifically with two messages (one for dual credits, one for certifications, in both English and Spanish), 116 & West raised awareness about the Fast Forward program and community outreach meetings targeting parents.
    • Fast Forward has advertisements running on the popular website, Pandora. These ads target high school students with creative messaging that breaks through the clutter to grab their attention.
  • Printed materials: Brochures, posters, and other promotional materials, designed, printed, and distributed for use at community outreach meetings as well as use at high school.

Stay Tuned…

The campaign is still in progress so final results are still to be determined. However, early evidence suggests program awareness is good with students as high school students are referring to it by name.

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