Recharging Brand Awareness: Idaho National Laboratory

116 & West

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is world-famous for creating the first usable amount of electricity from nuclear energy. Today, INL is a global pioneer in a wide range of technologies, research projects, and innovations that are truly changing the world.

Recharging Brand Awareness

After developing a campaign art direction for INL in 2010, 116 & West recently created new work to bring awareness to one of the nation’s leading research facilities. Two suites of print ads were strategically designed to reach two very different target audiences:

1. Current employees and statewide and community stakeholders
2. Young engineers and prospective new employees

While the messaging was similar, focusing on nuclear power, national cyber security, and energy security, the art direction varied. Additionally, we created an infographic for social media targeting young engineers that featured the career, social and recreational benefits of living in Eastern Idaho and being a scientist at INL.

Campaign Components Used

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