Bardenay: The Rise of Digital Menus

116 & West

From Hardcopy to Digital

116 & West has been working with Bardenay since 2004 as their full-service marketing partner. Through the years we have executed all aspects of their marketing, advertising, and public relations, ranging from menu design and cocktail promotions to a brand refresh. In 2014, Bardenay decided to take a daring step by doing something completely unconventional and unexpected. Bardenay is currently moving away completely from paper menus in favor of digital menus!

This project was quite the undertaking – considering that there are three restaurant locations, each with different menu items, pricing, brunch & late-night happy hours of operation… which means a lot of data needed to be organized effectively to serve up the correct information per menu item.

The Ease of Digital Menus

Bardenay’s paper menu for each location has been transitioned to all digital – this website’s database stores over 1,700 menu items (each menu item has a picture), “feeding” each item to its respective location, price, and time of day. For example – if a customer is sitting in the Boise restaurant on a Sunday morning at 10:00 am, the digital menu will display brunch items only. Once brunch is over the menu transitions back to feature all available lunch and dinner options.

All of this is completely automated, and Bardenay staff can easily make updates to menu descriptions, add suggested pairings for menu items, change prices, and more.

Currently, Bardenay has 25 iPads in the Boise location and will expand this to multiple iPads per table (for each location) after the testing period.

The Strategy Behind Digital Menus

Using Google Analytics, 116 & West can track user behavior across the website to help Bardenay make strategic improvements to their menu and dining experience.

Aside from building an innovative menu experience, 116 & West continues to position Bardenay as the nation’s first restaurant distillery. Since 2004, Bardenay has grown from one location in downtown Boise on the Basque Block to new Idaho locations with one in Eagle, Idaho, and one in Coeur d’Alene. Bardenay has also added a catering and events center, Beside Bardenay.