Three DM Ladies, Three DM Promotions

Danielle Hannan

In the wise words of Tina Fey, “Bitches get stuff done.”* I’ve always known this 4-word gem to be true, and because of that I wasn’t too surprised when it was announced that three of my wonderful coworkers were getting promotions—more accurately, I was thrilled. The following three women epitomize hard work, and, as a company, we’d like to tell you a little more about their new roles (and brag about how great they are).
Megan Roberto: Account Coordinator → Account Executive
Megan joined DM in 2016 as an account coordinator. She started working under the fabulous Kallee Mendonca (hey, Kal!) on one of our largest accounts managing their production and media across various locations.  Meg rocked it, so guess what happened next? She took on some of her own accounts and has been rocking those for the past eight months. Now it’s time for her to rock her new role where she will continue to work with the same clients, managing projects and campaigns from start to finish. Megan is very thoughtful and it’s obvious she cares about her clients and their best interests. We’re confident she’ll continue crushing it, hence the promotion.
Kelsey Selis: Designer → Senior Designer
DM’s dingy basement (it’s not dingy; this is just a set up for a compliment to Kelsey) got a whole lot brighter when Kelsey started working in the spring of 2017. One of the most genuinely kind people I know, Kelsey makes everyone she encounters feel heard and special. Personally, I think this characteristic helps her be so damn good at her job. In her role as a senior designer, or as her new husband calls it, a “geriatric” designer, she will conceptualize and implement print and digital designs. Like Megan, Kelsey is involved in projects from start to finish. She is going to use her keen eye to make sure we’re staying on-brand, sticking with the original strategy and staying on deadline. We stan a creative+organized boss B.
Emily Del Favero: Digital Project Manager → Digital Account Director
We were lucky enough to have Emily start in the winter of 2017. For over a year, she has been managing 10+ digital and web projects. In that time she revised and implemented the team’s development process and client presentation documentation—so you could definitely say this is a well-deserved promotion. In her new role, Emily is directly involved with planning, developing and managing clients’ digital strategies. Additionally, she is responsible for making our clients, present and future, feel good and confident in us. Emily has a quiet confidence about her—the room could be on fire and as long as Emily gives you a smirk, slight nod, and a quick “I got this,” you feel safe and protected. In short, we trust her to get the job done, all the time.
Ladies, congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work! Cheers to you!
*It’s important to me that everyone knows that Megan, Kelsey, and Emily each approved of the usage of this quote, thank you.