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2.10.23 | read time: 1 min

Butcher, Baker, Website Maker. Meet Noah Selis


116’s Newest Westie

Like most millennials, Noah had other jobs before becoming a web developer. Growing weary of the food industry, he longed for a career that better suited him. Noah cites an injury as the straw that broke the camel’s back. The scar on his left thumb serves as a daily reminder of the time his butcher knife slipped and, as he puts it, “popped my hand open like a steamed clam.” Ouch.

Noah’s curiosity about programming originated in the early aughts with MySpace, but was solidified during his courses at the College of Western Idaho. Noah loves web development because it’s like a magic language that lives at the intersection of three things he loves: problem-solving, creating, and helping others. It’s easy to see that he takes great pride in his work, striving for perfection by paying attention to every detail.

When Noah isn’t coding, he’s spending time with his wife, Kelsey, and their three dogs. Noah is a glutton for pop music, in awe of the feat of engineering that creates those earworms. Nine times out of ten, when you pass his cube, he’s keenly focused and bopping his head to Ariana Grande.