Welcome back, Annie and Spenser!

Danielle Hannan

A little while ago, we reminded you of the fact that we love to hire past interns. Now we’re doubling down on that statement and are happy to welcome Annie Timberlake and Spenser Wilson back to the crew!

Spenser and Annie recently finished our 2019 internship program and impressed us so much as campers that we had to bring them back. Both of them will be joining our integrated media team— they’ll be coming on as Jr. Buyers with Spenser focusing on traditional media and Annie concentrating on digital media.

We already went through the “getting-to-know-each-other” phase earlier this summer, so it’s exciting to share that Spenser has a slight obsession with Jason Mamoa and that Annie might be related to Justin Timberlake (you read that right). No word back from JT’s reps quite yet, but we’re all super excited for him to perform at this year’s holiday party.

Spenser and Annie, we just couldn’t say “bye, bye, bye” to you, welcome back!