Welcome back, Elia!

Danielle Hannan

At this point I hope it’s obvious that we love to hire interns from years past (see Nick Kuzio). This summer we are happy to welcome Elia Sherman back to the fam! Elia was an accounts intern for us in 2018. After a stint teaching English in España, Elia is back to her account service roots – she will be working under Megan Roberto as an account coordinator. Kudos to Elia for keeping in touch! We love a professional young lady who controls her own destiny.

Elia has such a bright and cheery personality – she lights up every room she enters, and we’re so excited to have that energy with us every day. In addition to her great attitude, we know from past experience that she’s going to kick butt on one of our newest, most exciting accounts.

Though she is very youthful, Elia is also kind of an old soul; she’s the only Gen-Zer (she considers herself to be on the Gen-Z/Millennial cusp) I know to describe someone as a “hoodlum.” She was talking about her younger sisters though, so maybe they’re 1920’s gangsters? Also, Elia was the only one with the forethought to cozy up for the drive to our company retreat. Sure, everyone was making fun of her wool socks and sweater in the 90° weather before we left, but Elia got the last laugh as everyone shivered in the frigid tundra AKA the bus that shuttled everyone up to Orofino. This forethought will serve her well in the accounts department.

Welcome back, Elia! And as our amigos in Spain would say, “¡felicidades!”